Karen has been a guest speaker and workshop facilitator at professional conferences and corporate training sessions across the United States. Are you looking for a keynote, luncheon, or closing session speaker? Karen taps into her energy and experience as an entrepreneur, executive, and educator to engage both large and small audiences. Karen models her talks to help ensure the content and message are timely and relevant for the audience.

Need someone who can tie a bow around your day’s events and send attendees home with relevant information they can use? Karen will embed herself in your event and structure the closing session with content from the day’s activities. Her energy and creativity will send people on their way energized and ready to apply their new knowledge.

Book Karen today for your next meeting, conference, or professional development program.

Speaking Events

One-on-One Coaching

Confidential one-on-one executive coaching to move you from intention to action.

Leadership Development

Transitional coaching for managers and new leaders, leadership training, and retreats.

Team Dynamics

Team coaching that develops individuals' strengths and creates high performing teams.